New River Plate and Boca Juniors shirts

One day after Nike previewed the new Boca Juniors shirt for the coming season, Adidias' new take on River Plate's famous red sash came out. As part of the week previewing the new season in Argentina, I thought it'd sate a few readers' thirst to give a couple of pictures of the new shirts of... Continue Reading →

Winter transfers

The 2010 Torneo Apertura is almost upon us now - it starts on Friday - and HEGS will be gearing up for it during the week. I'll have the traditional 'meet the clubs' piece online later in the week, but to kick your working Monday off (or to help you wind down from it, if... Continue Reading →

Riquelme renews, and more on Maradona

This is actually merely catching up with yesterday's news, because reporting it yesterday would have seen it get swamped by Diego Maradona's press conference, so I didn't. Juan Román Riquelme has finally renewed his Boca Juniors contract for another four - yes four! - years. Boca boss Claudio Borghi claims to be delighted, whilst Martín... Continue Reading →

All the ups and downs

As I've done in every year of HEGS' existence, always at great inconvenience to myself (seriously, you wouldn't believe how long it takes to pull this information together for such a short post) you'll find here the only single page on the whole internet (I think) with all of Argentina's promotions and relegations, across every... Continue Reading →

A ‘laughable’ offer

That's how Juan Román Riquelme has described Boca Juniors' offer to him to give him a new three year contract. After breakfasting this morning with the news that Claudio Borghi had described the playmaker's contract negotiations as '80% closed,' Román has shot back on television, insisting that, 'it seems like [the directors] are just trying... Continue Reading →

Pavone edging closer to River

One of River Plate's main winter transfer targets has been a centre forward who can provide a, shall we say, slightly more consistent goal threat than Rogelio Funes Mori for the new season. Having already brought goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo home, they're now closing in on Mariano Pavone. The Real Betis striker had been tempted... Continue Reading →

El Ogro retu… oh

Cristian Fabbiani has been without a club since having his contract terminated by River six months ago for being a fatso. During the current winter break, he's returned to (ahem) 'action' with newly-promoted All Boys, and it hasn't taken long for him to ensure he gets to put his feet up again. Six minutes into... Continue Reading →

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