The following is a list of links to websites and blogs that I like, or have written for. There are also some – of course – with which I’ve got a linkshare agreement, but readers can rest assured I don’t agree to do that with sites I think aren’t worth it. If you previously had a link from me in the sidebar, and it’s not below, it’s probably because I checked your site prior to typing up this list and it either wasn’t online any more, or hadn’t been updated in ages. If you think I’ve made a mistake and want yourself listed, do get in touch. Unless otherwise stated, all these sites are in English with the obvious exception of those in the ‘Sources’ category.

The first site you should visit aside from HEGS for your Argentine football needs is Hand Of Pod, the podcast I produce and, along with Dan Colasimone, Dan Edwards and Seba García, present. It’s the only English-language, Argentine-football specific podcast on the internet.

Sources – these are the first sites I tend to visit for Argentine football news. Of course, they’re all in Spanish. The reason HEGS was started was so that people who didn’t read Spanish wouldn’t have to in order to follow the game here. Think of me as your translator, but if you do read the language and want to cut straight to the source, here it is.

Olé is Argentina’s only sports-dedicated daily paper.

El Gráfico is a very long-running and highly thought of monthly magazine published in Buenos Aires.

Cancha Llena is the online sports offering from the national newspaper La Nación, in an attempt to break Olé’s stranglehold. A paper edition is not yet forthcoming.

Universofútbol is an excellent online stats archive maintained from Buenos Aires and concentrating on Argentina, but also covering leagues across the world.

Places I write for – this is a small list at the moment, but hopefully it’ll grow with time. These are only publications I write for at present or have written for recently.

In Bed With Maradona was launched as a World Cup blog in April 2010, and re-launched after the tournament as a world football website.

Soccernet is ESPN’s global site for the world game, and I’m their South America correspondent. You’ll find an archive of my articles for them here.

When Saturday Comes is a British football magazine which, as of (northern hemisphere) spring 2010, has a new online digital edition.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is the state bookmaker of Hong Kong. In August 2011, I started writing previews of every match in the Argentine Primera División for them. The link is to their football previews homepage rather than the overall site homepage.

Howler is a new quarterly US soccer magazine whose first issue is out in September 2012. I contributed a piece on Alejandro Sabella and Argentines’ opinions of him to their preview issue, and have an article on River Plate’s return to the Primera División in the first issue proper.

Other Argentina or Latin America-specific sites – belonging to some of the others writing about the country – or the continent – and its football.

Argentina Football World is written by Daniel Colasimone, Buenos Aires’ most Italian-named Australian, and covers the game’s history, lower divisions and other interesting stuff.

Fútbol Ya!, formerly Fútbol Sudamerica, is a recently revamped Spanish-language live scores and news site covering football across Latin America as well as Latin Americans playing in Europe.

Futbolizados is a really excellent one-man blog covering Colombian, Ecuadorian and Argentine football in Spanish. You’ll occasionally see videos from there embedded in the goal posts here on HEGS.

Mundo Albiceleste is presided over by my good friend Seba García along with Sivan John, and follows Argentine national teams right across the sporting world.

Pitaco Do Gringo is the work of one Englishman in Brazil, covering the local league(s) for Globo.

Snap, Kaká, and Pop! is a Brazilian football blog by Englishman Jack Lang, who’s also the Brazil correspondent for In Bed With Maradona, as well as writing for When Saturday ComesSoccernet and working as editor of the Unibet website.

South American Football is a UK-based site on the game across the continent.

Argie Bargy is Ed Malyon’s (and formerly Joel Richards’, whose posts are also on that page) hilariously-named blog for British magazine FourFourTwo. They would probably like me to point out neither of them got a say in the title.

Friends the following are a list of ‘friends of HEGS’. Blogs and websites run by friends of me (which aren’t football-related) are still in the sidebar.

Albion Road is an extensive and ever-growing site detailing the histories of clubs around the world and other trivia.

A Liverpool Thing is a Liverpool FC fansite, but apart from that it’s alright. It’s intelligently written by Paul Grech.

Bill’s Sports Maps is an excellent resource of all kinds of maps you never even knew you could spend hours poring over. They’re also the suppliers of the beautiful creation on the map page right here on HEGS.

Blog Droed is a blog covering the game in Wales, in Welsh. And you thought HEGS appealed to a niche market.

Football Filter is an indispensable feed aggregator which will change the way you get your football news online (unless you’re already a user of it, in which case keep right on as you are).

Just Football covers the game across the world.

Nordic Football News is edited by my Soccernet colleague Egan Richardson and covers football across Scandanavia.

Stadium Porn is a site which was started by Pitch Invasion editor Tom Dunmore in August 2011, and does exactly what it says on the tin. By which I mean, lovely pictures of new and existing stadia around the world. Not pornography filmed in football stadia.

Pitch Invasion is a fantastic site which I used to write for covering world football, having expanded significantly from its original remit of fan culture. You must check it out – it’s simply one of the best football sites on the net.

The Beautiful Game was maintained all the way from the football wilderness of New Zealand, but is now written from London, by a lady who loves Barcelona and Argentina.

The Goalkeepers’ Union is a blog by a goalkeeper, about goalkeepers, for everyone.

The Offside is a… oh come on, you’re reading a football website. You know about The Offside.

The Onion Bag Blog is a blog attached to an online football shop. Invaluable when the time of year arrives for new kits to start flooding the markets.

Two Hundred Percent looks at the English lower leagues, non-league, the game’s history and – most importantly – is home to Shit Shot Mungo, the internet’s best football cartoon by a country mile.

Victory In Melbourne is a Melbourne Victory blog.

World Cup Blog does exactly what it says on the tin.

Word Football News is an entirely serious take on the headlines in British and European football.

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