Treading new ground

After falling out with River Plate over the appalling pitch surface for the recent World Cup qualifier at home to Colombia, the AFA have submitted a request to FIFA that Rosario Central's stadium, El Gigante Del Arroyito, be accredited as an alternative venue. It's possible the qualifier against Brazil could be played there if the... Continue Reading →

It was thirty years ago today…

With the regular editorial having made way a little while ago for my regular Pitch Invasion column, I've decided to put the page on HEGS to a slightly different use from now on. Periodically (hopefully approximately every two weeks) I'll be posting a piece looking back on a segment of Argentina's long and rich footballing... Continue Reading →

Dealing in goals

Surprising revelations in Colombia on Wednesday, as a close associate of the Cali drug cartel revealed his organisation's apparent involvement in one of the most infamous football matches in World Cup history - Argentina's 6-0 thrashing of Peru to reach the final of the 1978 event, which they went on to win. Fernando Rodríguez Mondragón, the son... Continue Reading →

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