Olympic preview number one

The Olympic Football Tournament kicks off on Thursday (yes, that is before the official start of the Games, which is on Friday), and Argentina, as the defending gold medalists from four years ago in Athens, will be red-hot favourites to retain the title, thanks in large part to an attacking lineup that would terrify most... Continue Reading →

Same old story

HEGS is back, but it feels, I must say, a bit like I hadn't really been away. When I left for Havana, Sergio Batista had named Lionel Messi in the squad for the Olympic Football Tournament, and Barcelona president Joan Laporta was making some decidedly 'we'll have to see about that'-type noises. The novel seems... Continue Reading →

Olympic defeat

The bulk of Argentina's Olympic Games squad played a friendly behind closed doors at the AFA's training complex in Ezeiza on Tuesday, and lost 4-2 against a Panamanian side who were notably fitter and more motivated. Whilst the match was only an evalution session for Argentine coach Sergio Batista, Panama have to qualify for the... Continue Reading →

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