2016 Primera, second round: all the goals

The second round of matches in this year's Primera brought only one win for the Big Five - 2-1 for San Lorenzo against Sarmiento. There were fine goals for Atlético Tucumán and Belgrano in their wins over Boca Juniors and River Plate, respectively, and plenty of other decent ones this weekend aside, including a 2-0... Continue Reading →

Clausura ’08: Round 1 goals

The goals from the first round of Torneo Clausura matches are online, and you can watch them all on TN simply by clicking this link. As ever, HEGS makes allowances for the facts that you may not want to see all of them, only the best, and that you might not know which shirts belong... Continue Reading →

Apertura ’07: Round 14 goals

Apologies for not putting these up sooner - the internet café I was in in Salamanca yesterday didn't have the necessary plugins for me to able to watch the video myself and thus give the running order. Anyway: Here, courtesy of TN, are 20 of the 21 goals from the fourteenth round of matches in the Apertura. Colón... Continue Reading →

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