Clausura ’08: Round 5 goals

The goals from round five of the Torneo Clausura are online now, and you can watch all 21 of them (good grief it was low-scoring this weekend) thanks to TN by clicking here. There may not be many, but there are quite a few crackers this week, ranging from good team moves (Banfield's fifth against... Continue Reading →

Clausura ’08: Round 4 goals

The goals from the fourth round of the 2008 Torneo Clausura are online now, and you can watch all 27 of them right now on TN's website - just click here. As usual, read on for the running order of that clip, as well as my personal pick of the week's best strikes courtesy of... Continue Reading →

Editorial: The Apertura review

Another championship is over, and as the players (except Boca's) head off on their summer holidays, it's time to reflect again on yet another thrilling short tournament. Unexpected champions was the least of it - we've seen an avalanche of goals, players pushing themselves into the limelight and yet more booing from the stands of the Monumental... Continue Reading →

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