A country in chaos

One day after Paul the Octopus died, Argentina's former president Néstor Kirchner also passed away. He was the husband of current president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and the whole country's been thrown into chaos for the day, as if it wasn't already by the national census that's caused businesses across the land to close down... Continue Reading →

Torneo Apertura 2009: round 4 goals

The goals from the weekend's football action in Argentina are online now, and as you can see them on the TN Sportblog, whose video this week deigns the round worthy of having all its goals shown (something they've neglected to do on two occasions already this season). For the goals from the Primera División, click... Continue Reading →

Safe at last

It's been a long and tortuous season for Racing, but on Sunday night, at last, their fans will finally be able to sleep sound in their beds, and when they wake up on Monday morning will be going into work or school with, if not pride, then at least a massive sense of relief. On... Continue Reading →

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