Boca consider their options as Borghi threatens to quit

As Boca Juniors prepare for a crunch match against Vélez Sarsfield early in their season, championship-winning manager Claudio Borghi is already feeling the heat of the position. El Bichi has made it known he's strongly considering leaving the club if Boca fail to beat Vélez in La Bombonera on Sunday. Boca's directors are already considering... Continue Reading →

Ibarra’s back!

That was quick. Apparently if you want a contract extension at Boca Juniors then the way you get it is by announcing you're leaving the club, and then turning up again at the Casa Amarilla the next day to see what the response is. As a result of this strategy, Hugo Ibarra will now spend... Continue Reading →

A nice box of Coco

That headline doesn't quite work as a pun, does it? The name of Boca Juniors' stadium means 'sweet box', you see, and Coco is a bit like cocoa, which is chocolate, and oh never mind. Maybe 'Alfajor Basile' would have been better? Hmm? No, alright then. On Saturday evening Alfio 'Coco' Basile was convinced by... Continue Reading →

Consolidating to move forward

Boca Juniors, the newly-crowned champions of Argentina, have been doing bit of re-jigging, but the key man will be very familiar to them. Monday brought confirmation that title-winning coach Carlos Ischia will be staying for another year, after signing an extension to his contract. The long-awaited comeback of another manager who's had a teensy bit... Continue Reading →

Pompilio’s man

On Wednesday, Miguel Russo's twelve-month tenure at the helm of Boca Juniors was laid once and for all to rest as Carlos Ischia was officially announced as the club's new manager. In an appointment which has little to do with what Boca's fans, members, or even club legends like Diego Maradona had to say on... Continue Reading →

Ischia in

A couple of days after Estudiantes, Gimnasia and Huracán appointed their new bosses, Boca have decided to get in on the act, and will be announcing Carlos Ischia as their new boss at 8pm on Wednesday. It's an unusual situation, not only because the majority of Boca's fans would probably rather not have Ischia, but... Continue Reading →

Russo leaves Boca

In the last hour or so, it's been confirmed that Miguel Angel Russo has parted company with Boca Juniors, leaving the club's managerial post vacant. Earlier in the day, the Boca board had taken the decision to sack Russo's two assistants, Marcelo Trobbiani and Guillermo Cinquetti (assistant coach and physical trainer, respectively), as a condition... Continue Reading →

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