Copa Sudamericana: Boca 3-3 Independiente; Colón 3-1 Racing (goal videos)

There are no Friday evening games in the Torneo Inicial this weekend, partly because of the midweek action in the Copa Sudamericana, so this seems a good reason to catch up with those matches - and they were a pair of crackers. On Wednesday night, Boca Juniors and Independiente drew 3-3 in a fantastic match... Continue Reading →

Clausura 2012: Tigre go top outright as Independiente beat Boca in a nine-goal thriller (video)

Sunday's Torneo Clausura matches left a number of interesting results, the upshot of which is that Tigre are now out on their own at the top of the Torneo Clausura after Boca Juniors lost their second match in a few days (having previously been on an eleven-month unbeaten streak) in a thrilling 5-4 defeat at... Continue Reading →

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