Independiente move grounds again

Thrown out by Racing's new president of the indignity of a groundshare with their fiercest local rivals, and finding that the new-look Doble Visera won't be ready for the Clausura after all, Independiente are entering into a new groundshare agreement. Appropriately, it's with another club who've only just returned home themselves - and need improvement... Continue Reading →

Newell’s wuz robbed!

No funny business at Independiente, where club president Julio Comparada begins a new term in charge of the club. With the elections at Racing still a few days away, the controversy for now has been in Rosario. After fourteen years, there have been presidential elections at Newell's Old Boys, and the incumbent Eduardo López was... Continue Reading →

A word in his ear

Pedro Troglio's been talking too much. He's been upsetting some people who have a lot of influence over his continued wellbeing and, on Wednesday, the Independiente manager had a visit from some gentlemen who sat him down and told him, quietly but firmly, that he'd better shut up if he knows what's best for him. It's... Continue Reading →

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