A chapter closed, and a problem of Olympian proportions

After the initial announcement just over a month ago, the day Racing Club fans had been waiting for arrived on Monday. Blanquiceleste, the company who ran the club from 2001 until early June, were signed out of existence by the judges presiding over their case yesterday. Meanwhile, a little to the west of Avellaneda, in... Continue Reading →

Editorial: Lessons to learn?

Now personally, I've never paid too much attention to the idea of new year's resolutions (the last editorial aside, that is). Making promises to yourself which you admit from the start won’t be kept seems rather to be shooting oneself in the foot. Besides which resolutions are always so dull – why doesn't anyone resolve... Continue Reading →

Following orders

There's been a lot of booing and hissing up in Victoria, where Leandro Lázzaro's been portrayed, in his own words, as 'the bad guy in this film.' On Thursday, Lázzaro - who thought all parties had agreed a transfer to Estudiantes on Wednesday - was still training with Tigre. And there's another player dispute elsewhere: Adrián... Continue Reading →

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