Under-21 friendly: Argentina 4 – 0 Netherlands

The French city of Toulon is hosting a friendly Under 21 international tournament this month which Sergio Batista's boys have travelled to, and on Wednesday they played their first match against the Netherlands, and demonstrated after the embarrassment of the Under 20s' failure to qualify to defend their crown at the the Egypt 2009 World... Continue Reading →

Olympic Football Tournament: Argentina 2 – 1 Netherlands (AET)

Argentina advanced to the semi-finals of the Olympic Football Tournament in China on Saturday, after beating the Netherlands 2-1 after extra time in Shanghai. Barcelona star Lionel Messi was the key man for an Argentine side who found it hard, at times, to get out of first gear, but who still created more good chances... Continue Reading →

Boca’s latest two transfer targets

Either the world's going a little bit mad, or Pedro Pompilio is beginning to lose touch with reality a tad. The identities of two players Boca Juniors may currently be considering for the transfer market have been revealed, and they make for surprising reading. Both were born in South America, but that's about the least surprising... Continue Reading →

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