More pain for Huracán

Following the misery of having lost the clásico to San Lorenzo on Saturday, it was announced on Sunday - the same day that there was trouble prior to the Rosario derby - by prosecutor Walter López that the Estadio Tomás A. Ducó would be closed provisionally whilst an investigation is underway into incidents prior to... Continue Reading →

Independiente move grounds again

Thrown out by Racing's new president of the indignity of a groundshare with their fiercest local rivals, and finding that the new-look Doble Visera won't be ready for the Clausura after all, Independiente are entering into a new groundshare agreement. Appropriately, it's with another club who've only just returned home themselves - and need improvement... Continue Reading →

Home at last?

Huracán could be the recipients of some long-awaited good news before long. The inspectors of the Chief of Government's Mass Events department (the 'Government' in question being that of the City of Buenos Aires) have finished their inspection of Huracán's Estadio Tomás A. Ducó, and will be reporting back their findings on Friday. Club president... Continue Reading →

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