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Not news as such, but the usual heads-up for me writing elsewhere. Readers in the UK (and certain lucky overseas readers) may remember that last May I wrote for UK magazine When Saturday Comes. After being rather lazy about doing a second piece for them, I've finally managed it this month - the May 2009... Continue Reading →

A little bit of history: Orestes Omar Corbatta

Continuing the history series which began with a nostalgic look at the 1978 World Cup win, I wanted to write something for the second installment which looked at a player forgotten by many today. Those who read my recent article looking back on the 1991 Apertura in UK magazine When Saturday Comes will recognise the... Continue Reading →

It was thirty years ago today…

With the regular editorial having made way a little while ago for my regular Pitch Invasion column, I've decided to put the page on HEGS to a slightly different use from now on. Periodically (hopefully approximately every two weeks) I'll be posting a piece looking back on a segment of Argentina's long and rich footballing... Continue Reading →

The tragedy of Gate 12

Monday marked the fourtieth anniversary of a dark day in the history of football in Argentina and, indeed, across South America. On the 23rd June 1968, as Boca Juniors fans left the Estadio Monumental at the end of a mid-season superclásico, a gate was left less than fully opened under circumstances that remain mysterious to... Continue Reading →

When Saturday Comes, June 2008

This week I make my first foray out of the internet realm and into the big, proper-writing world of print. The good people at British magazine When Saturday Comes have seen fit to provide me with my national debut this month. In 'Season In Brief' I write about the 1991 Torneo Apertura, in which Ramón Díaz... Continue Reading →

It was forty years ago…

On the 4th November, 1967 - forty years ago on Sunday - Argentina finally gained its first football world championship, thirty-seven years after losing the inaugural World Cup Final to hosts Uruguay in 1930 in the Estadio Centenario. Having drawn 2-2 on aggregate, Racing played against European Cup winners Celtic in a third match tie-breaker,... Continue Reading →

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