Pompilio’s man

On Wednesday, Miguel Russo's twelve-month tenure at the helm of Boca Juniors was laid once and for all to rest as Carlos Ischia was officially announced as the club's new manager. In an appointment which has little to do with what Boca's fans, members, or even club legends like Diego Maradona had to say on... Continue Reading →

The Kaiser is dead…

The penalty defeat to Arsenal in the semi-final of the Copa Sudamericana on Wednesday night was too much, it seems, and Daniel Passarella has kept his word, and resigned from the River Plate manager's role on Thursday. Back in May, Passarella, who had by that point overseen three trophyless years at the Monumental, declared that if River... Continue Reading →

El Bigot-gone

Well, you should know by now that you don't come to this site for brilliant headlines. Ricardo La Volpe left Boca at the end of last year's Apertura amid accusations that the players didn't have a clue what he was wittering on about during tactical talks. And after a bright start with Vélez, he's now... Continue Reading →

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