Torneo Apertura 2010: the managerial fallout

A day after the 2010 Torneo Apertura came to an end (for everyone bar Independiente and Tigre), the consequences of the campaign are being felt at clubs across the league. Whilst some have pleasingly exceeded their targets (All Boys) and some have managed league positions which bely the scorn poured on them for almost the... Continue Reading →

Ischia in

A couple of days after Estudiantes, Gimnasia and Huracán appointed their new bosses, Boca have decided to get in on the act, and will be announcing Carlos Ischia as their new boss at 8pm on Wednesday. It's an unusual situation, not only because the majority of Boca's fans would probably rather not have Ischia, but... Continue Reading →

The merry-go-round begins

The Apertura is over, then, and immediately the game of managerial musical chairs has started. Diego Simeone leaving Estudiantes was probably the least surprising development, whilst elsewhere Ossie Ardiles has walked out on Huracán. Gustavo Costas, recently relieved of his responsibilities at Racing, is set to take on a foreign posting... Simeone's exit was as surprising for... Continue Reading →

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