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My latest piece for Pitch Invasion looks back on the black weekend Argentine football has just experienced, and explains some of the issues behind the security operations, and what might be considered by the Argentine media in the coming weeks. There's also a really rather good photo (if I say so myself). 'Olé’s front page... Continue Reading →

When will this end?

The day after Vélez Sársfield fan Emanuel Alvarez was shot dead on his way to see his team play a game of football against San Lorenzo, there was another clash in the streets of Buenos Aires between gangs of people who claim to be fans of one of the clubs in the city. This time... Continue Reading →

Black Saturday

Two matches have been postponed on Saturday in the Primera A, after a Vélez Sársfield fan was killed whilst walking to San Lorenzo's stadium to watch his team - the league leaders - take on Ramón Díaz's side. Emanuel Alvarez, 21 years old, was taken to hospital but declared dead on arrival. Alvarez was killed... Continue Reading →

Los Borrachos are at it again

Sadly familiar scenes in Retiro. Two hours before Wednesday night's Copa Libertadores match between River Plate and Club América, the internal squabble enveloping River's barra brava, Los Borrachos del Tablón, blew up yet again at the train station in the northern barrio, and a man was hospitalised. The fight was between two of the factions... Continue Reading →

Christmas behind bars

Several of River Plate's most notorious barra bravas have spent Christmas this year in jail, and now they're to be joined for the new year by their boss, Alan Schlenker, after a senior judge ordered the capo of Los Borrachos del Tablón to do time in a preventative institute for his suspected 'intellectual' part in... Continue Reading →

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