AFA protests, and Sand on his way

That is, protests against the AFA, not protests on the part of the AFA. At six on Tuesday evening, two coaches dropped off sixty or seventy people outside the AFA headquarters who proceeded to mount a protest against current AFA President Julio Grondona. Earlier in the day, José Sand was sold by Lanús to Al Ain... Continue Reading →

Torneo Clausurado?

The threat of postponement to the start of the 2008-2009 season has been hanging over Argentine football since the official fixture list for the Primera División was released last week. On Wednesday AFA President Julio Grondona declared that the decision has been taken to provisionally 'postpone all the championships until Futbolístas Argentinos Agremadios [the players'... Continue Reading →

A change of format

Christmas will mean a day or two off, but for the sake of keeping up to speed I'm going to set this post to go up at some point on Christmas Day, because it's a short but important point. Julio Grondona's been talking again. For a change, there was one very interesting piece of good sense... Continue Reading →

This didn’t take long…

It's happening already. There are rumours, before he's even managed his first match, that Diego Maradona might stand down as Argentina boss. I mean, honestly. The arguments between Diego and the AFA about who's the best assistant are still going on, and on Wednesday the media were reporting that the new manager might be considering... Continue Reading →

AFA seek resolution over Gutiérrez

Julio Grondona's been in China recently, watching Argentina's not-quite-Under 23s win Olympic gold, and he's returned to a bit of a fuss. Alfio Basile named his squad for the next two World Cup Qualifiers last week (details of those players will follow before the matches, because at the time they announcement was overshadowed somewhat by... Continue Reading →

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