The 2008 HEGS reader survey

Another year, another survey. The 2007-2008 season was the first full one that HEGS covered, and at the grand old age of 17 months, I thought it was time for another survey of the site's readers. Readership has trebled since February - and increased roughly eightfold since the last survey a year ago - so... Continue Reading →

Summer holiday

A short announcement to inform you all that from now until the 28th / 29th of July, HEGS won't be updated. I'm going on a summer holiday to Cuba for nearly two weeks, and with internet access being slow (and heavily restriced) there, I shan't even be attempting to update the site. Holidays, after all,... Continue Reading →

HEGS Award – reminder

A quick reminder that just over one week remains before the voting closes for the HEGS Award for Best Argentine Footballer in a Foreign League 2007-2008. The last votes will be counted at midnight on the Monday after the end of the Clausura - which means you've got nine days from when this post goes... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday to HEGS!

It doesn't seem like it, but Sunday marks one year since Hasta El Gol Siempre was born (under a slightly different name). The site's come a long way in twelve months, and there's a long way still to go, and of course birthdays mean presents - so here's one from me to you: a free... Continue Reading →

Feliz Navidad a todos

What with Christmas and the fact that I'm working on the 24th, I may not have the time, or the motivation, or indeed the material to post very much / anything at all on the site in the coming days. If anything happens, something may go up on the 26th but the site will be much... Continue Reading →

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