Argentines Abroad: Higuaín, Messi and Tevez help their teams to victories (video)

In Spain on Saturday and in England on Sunday, three Argentine strikers helped their sides to wins. Gonzalo Higuaín scored for Real Madrid as they beat Deportivo La Coruña 2-1 away, Lionel Messi got Barcelona's winner in a 2-1 home win over Sevilla, and Carlos Tevez scored Manchester City's second with a screamer as they... Continue Reading →

World Cup qualifying: Argentina beat Paraguay at home for first time since 1973 (video)

Friday evening didn't bring any Torneo Inicial matches - those will be played over Saturday, Sunday and Monday - but it did feature a World Cup qualifying match in which Argentina dispatched Paraguay 3-1 in Córdoba with an expertly-finished goal from Ezequiel Lavezzi (flicking it in off his back - a real genius finish), a... Continue Reading →

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