Ibarra’s back!

That was quick. Apparently if you want a contract extension at Boca Juniors then the way you get it is by announcing you're leaving the club, and then turning up again at the Casa Amarilla the next day to see what the response is. As a result of this strategy, Hugo Ibarra will now spend... Continue Reading →

Argentines Abroad: 25th & 26th April 2009

With league titles on the verge of being decided across Europe, there were some important contributions made by Argentines this weekend, and at least one other could come on Tuesday when Lionel Messi's Barcelona take on Chelsea in the European Cup semi-final first leg. To see who did what over the weekend just gone, though,... Continue Reading →

Transfer talk and a painful absence

There's been commotion in Italy on Saturday, as Juventus manager Claudio Ranieri walked out of a press conference after the assembled hacks pushed him on the future of Argentine playmaker Sergio Almirón, who's wanted by River Plate. Boca Juniors signing Julio César Cáceres revealed he's taking a pay cut to join his new side, and... Continue Reading →

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