Martino to Barcelona; all his Newell’s side’s goals of the 2013 Torneo Final

Well, if anything was going to get me to post something here, it would be a story this big, wouldn't it? Even though this is really just a link - I've written this piece for ESPNFC on Gerardo Martino, the man who left Newell's Old Boys a couple of weeks ago following their Copa Libertadores semi-final... Continue Reading →

Those who are already avid readers of world football website In Bed With Maradona will probably have noticed that it's relaunched this week, and I'm pleased to say that relaunch has prompted to contribute something for them again. It's an article on just why I love the Copa Libertadores group stages so much, and you'll find... Continue Reading →


Andrés D'Alessandro was heading back out of the country on Wednesday, again in a north-easterly direction, but not this time as far as Europe. In fact, he's making a short hop over the Río de la Plata and Uruguay to the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, where 2005 Copa Libertadores winners Internacional are waiting... Continue Reading →

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