An interview with Javier Pastore in The Blizzard, and other recent writing

As those who follow me on Twitter and/or listen to Hand Of Pod may already be aware, I interviewed Paris Saint-Germain star and Argentina player Javier Pastore during the second half of last year. The resulting article is published today in issue four of The Blizzard, the football quarterly edited by Jonathan Wilson. It's available in hard... Continue Reading →

Gómez returns, Pastore stays put, Caruso leaves

Don't worry Racing fans, that's not Ricardo Caruso Lombardi in the headline. Godoy Cruz striker Leandro Caruso is off to Italy, where he'll play next season for Udinese after passing a medical. At Huracán, president Carlos Babington wants to keep Javier Pastore at least until the end of the year, so has signed an agreement... Continue Reading →

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