Weekly opinion piece: the AFA election scandal

When does 38+38=75? When you're dealing with the Argentine Football Association's presidential elections. In fairness, they are a bit out of practice with this new-fangled 'voting' malarkey. I've written a piece for The Bubble about the result, what it means for the AFA, and some of the challenges facing the victorious candidate - whether that turns out... Continue Reading →

Episode 89: Grondona out, various players in & Riquelme still going nowhere

Hand Of Pod is back, and Sam, Joel and English Dan welcome 2013 with a nice laid-back chat about nothing in particular. There's just the news that one of the most powerful men in world football will leave his charge of the AFA in 2015, a bunch of (admittedly often tiresome) transfer gossip from the... Continue Reading →

Maradona leaves…?

It's been a long day for everyone following the business behind closed doors between Julio Grondona, the AFA president, and Diego Maradona, who was expected to sign on the dotted line and put his name to a new four year contract in charge of the national side after the '5th place' (Grondona's words) finish at... Continue Reading →

Violence for export

When the Argentine national team flew to South Africa a week ago today, twenty-two barra bravas from Chacarita Juniors and Boca Juniors were on the same flight, in the economy section. The AFA denied any knowledge of this, but one of them was, in 2009, used as an AFA-approved bodyguard for one of Lionel Messi's... Continue Reading →

A question of rights and wrongs

I've had a lazy weekend writing-wise, with the last weekend before hostilities in Argentina commence again giving one final chance for a bit of a break. All the same, I was busy at the end of last week writing for Soccernet on why the Argentine league will be kicking off later than scheduled this season,... Continue Reading →

Going public

The financial stand-off which last week forced the AFA to announce that Argentina's first division championship wouldn't be able to start this coming weekend has taken a step towards concluding on Tuesday, with the news that the clubs are to break away from the TV deal signed with TyC Sports. A new financial package has... Continue Reading →

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