Transfer talk and a painful absence

There's been commotion in Italy on Saturday, as Juventus manager Claudio Ranieri walked out of a press conference after the assembled hacks pushed him on the future of Argentine playmaker Sergio Almirón, who's wanted by River Plate. Boca Juniors signing Julio César Cáceres revealed he's taking a pay cut to join his new side, and... Continue Reading →

The new Verón

Diego Simeone's management career thus far has been marked by one particular trait: all his teams have included one midfielder around whom the side's play is based, who operates from deep and pulls the strings. At Estudiantes, it was Juan Sebastián Verón. At River Plate, if El Cholo gets his wish, it could soon be... Continue Reading →

Valuating Valeri

When a small club do well in Argentina, there's a pattern which is generally followed in terms of what happens next to their players: they move to River or Boca, and from there, if they continue to shine, on to Europe. This year though, Lanús have impressed so much that an exception may be about to... Continue Reading →

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