Argentines Abroad: catching up again

Argentines Abroad has been even more delayed than usual this week, so very briefly, here are updates on last weekend's action from our intrepid correspondents in Mexico, Spain and Portugal. Tom Clark, whose blog you'll find over here, is as ever filling us in on the action from Mexico. Could Lucas Lobos be the best... Continue Reading →

Argentines Abroad – 31st Jan / 1st Feb; and the domestic callups

Diego Maradona announced the home-based players for the France friendly on Monday (surprise surprise, Boca Juniors won't be inconvenienced by any call-ups...), after another fun-packed weekend for the foreign legion, during which Nico Burdisso rescued a record for his manager in Italy, Lucas Lobos got his first goal of the season in Mexico, Lucho González... Continue Reading →

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