The Gonzalo Acro case: another update

A quick mention here of the latest developments in the trial over the murder of Gonzalo Acro last August. On Wednesday, Pablo 'Cucaracha' Girón was caught by police after 219 days on the run. Luis Rodríguez, the judge presiding over the case, considers Girón to be one of the five men directly responsible for Acro's... Continue Reading →

Wanted in Catamarca

The police in Catamarca Province are reported to be on the lookout for Matías 'Kevin' Kraft, one of the members of Los Borrachos del Tablón wanted for the murder of Gonzalo Acro in August last year. Kraft is believed to be in the province, in Argentina's Andean north-west on the Chilean border, and the authorities... Continue Reading →

Finger pointing

Surprise, surprise: River Plate's directors had nothing to do with Sunday's running battle between factions of the club's main barra brava, and did all they could do maintain security in the stadium. It must be true, because they say it themselves. They're not the only ones under the finger of suspicion, though; there were seven injuries... Continue Reading →

More trouble

River Plate were using Vélez Sársfield's stadium as a home base on Sunday afternoon to host Arsenal de Sarandí, but the match was almost called off after yet more trouble in Argentina's footballing gangland. The civil war diving Los Borrachos del Tablón continues even with the Schlenker brothers in jail, and today the conflict was... Continue Reading →

Los Borrachos are at it again

Sadly familiar scenes in Retiro. Two hours before Wednesday night's Copa Libertadores match between River Plate and Club América, the internal squabble enveloping River's barra brava, Los Borrachos del Tablón, blew up yet again at the train station in the northern barrio, and a man was hospitalised. The fight was between two of the factions... Continue Reading →

A new chapter

The civil war in the barra brava at River Plate continues. On Saturday prior to the first match of the Clausura, there were fights in the vicinity of the stadium before the match. On Thursday, it was announced that the capos would be remaining in prison for a little while yet... Alan and William Schlenker,... Continue Reading →

From tiger to lion

One of the top goalscorers of the Apertura, Leandro Lázzaro, changed clubs on Wednesday, moving from a town just to the north of Buenos Aires to a city to the south of the capital. His transfer from Tigre to Estudiantes will set the La Plata club back US$300,000. Elsewhere, the saga of River's barra brava... Continue Reading →

Christmas behind bars

Several of River Plate's most notorious barra bravas have spent Christmas this year in jail, and now they're to be joined for the new year by their boss, Alan Schlenker, after a senior judge ordered the capo of Los Borrachos del Tablón to do time in a preventative institute for his suspected 'intellectual' part in... Continue Reading →

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