Weekly opinion piece: the AFA election scandal

When does 38+38=75? When you're dealing with the Argentine Football Association's presidential elections. In fairness, they are a bit out of practice with this new-fangled 'voting' malarkey. I've written a piece for The Bubble about the result, what it means for the AFA, and some of the challenges facing the victorious candidate - whether that turns out... Continue Reading →

Back to the future

Pedro Pompilio's time as Boca Juniors president is over. For now. The General Inspection of Justice, which had been looking into the executive committee's decision to ratify Pompilio as Mauricio Macri's successor, ruled late on Tuesday that without elections, there could be no change of president, so the title reverts to Macri, now Mayor of... Continue Reading →

Politicking with Pompilio

Pedro Pompilio isn't a happy man. The Boca Juniors president took over from Mauricio Macri last year and the early stages of his presidency haven't met with entirely universal approval from Boca's fans. Now it's beginning to look like he might have to - shudder - go through an election to confirm his position. Perish... Continue Reading →

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