River Plate & Lanús joint leaders… after two matches, & Independiente shock champs Vélez (video)

Saturday's and Sunday's Torneo Final matches brought only a few goals, and no result more surprising than Independiente's 1-0 away win over champions Vélez Sarsfield; a win made all the more shocking by the fact Independiente played 70 minutes of the game with only ten men. Martín Palermo's Godoy Cruz got their first win of... Continue Reading →

Boca scrape a win, and All Boys bring Vélez down to earth

Saturday's matches in the 2011 Torneo Clausura saw a surprise win for All Boys away to Vélez Sarsfield which gives the Floresta outfit - impressive at home during the Apertura but less so on their travels - another big scalp for the season. Also in action were Racing and Boca Juniors, in the  year's first... Continue Reading →

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