Hand Of Pod 12: death at the match & Argentina’s Libertadores crew

In the twelfth episode of Hand Of Pod, the Anglophone world's foremost (and, indeed, only) Argentine football podcast, Sam, English Dan and Seba welcome back Australian Dan from his sojourn around Mendiza and Córdoba. There's a big discussion on the main issue of the weekend, the death of San Lorenzo fan Ramón Aramayo at the... Continue Reading →

Rolle ruins Riquelme’s return, & a fan dies at Vélez

Sunday's matches in the 2011 Torneo Clausura were overshadowed by tragedy, as death returned to the stadia of Argentina's top flight. Ramón Aramayo, a 36-year-old fan (I would like to stress, not a barra brava), got involved in a struggle whilst passing through a routine security check on the way into Vélez Sarsfield vs San... Continue Reading →

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