Real big transfer rumours

First, for all those who are as big on detail as myself, I apologise for that headline, because there's nothing I hate more than English speakers referring to the world's most modest, understated football club as 'Real'. But why let that get in the way of a not especially good headline? Real Madrid might be... Continue Reading →

Should I stay or should I go?

The latest round of games in the Clausura saw Estudiantes take the sole leadership of the table in the sweetest of ways possible - by beating their city rivals Gimnasia in the La Plata derby. But as one half of the city celebrated, the other lamented the loss of their side's manager. And then relaxed... Continue Reading →

The arrow still flies

This website has been replete with stories about a certain Argentine doing rather well in the Spanish league, so apologies for yet another. But don't worry - a little rest for regular readers from having to read my recent odes to Señorito Messi, because this one's got a bit of history behind it. Before Messi... Continue Reading →

The reconquest

One-hundred-and-ninety-one years after declaring independence from Spain, Argentina suddenly finds itself very much directing proceedings - at least as far as some of La Liga's leading clubs are concerned. After Leo Messi's superb show for Barcelona on Saturday night, both Madrid clubs found themselves relying on contributions from Argentines. Real Madrid stumbled and lost their... Continue Reading →

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