Palermo’s heir?

Lucas Viatri had hardly had a sniff of anything in the superclásico, but popped up in the 60th minute to decide the match all the same in a manner the great Martín Palermo, looking on, would have been proud of. The goal came after Boca had been reduced to ten men through the sending-off of... Continue Reading →

Apertura 2008 Superclásico: Live updates

The players are taking to the pitch in the Monumental for the biggest match of the weekend, and if you're not fortunate enough to be able to watch, you can follow it right here on HEGS, where I'll be attempting to update this post every few minutes with the latest goings-on in the match. Just... Continue Reading →

The tragedy of Gate 12

Monday marked the fourtieth anniversary of a dark day in the history of football in Argentina and, indeed, across South America. On the 23rd June 1968, as Boca Juniors fans left the Estadio Monumental at the end of a mid-season superclásico, a gate was left less than fully opened under circumstances that remain mysterious to... Continue Reading →

A three-day digest

It's been an interesting few days whilst I've been away, and I hope I don't miss anything out of a whirlwind summary: Saturday's superclásico in Mendoza was a thriller, seeing five goals and four red cards as River avenged their 1-0 defeat of the Torneo de Verano with a 3-2 victory. On the same day,... Continue Reading →

Ischia gains popularity

Well, that's one way to do it. Carlos Ischia wasn't the Boca fans' choice of new manager, and his appointment caused some anger towards Pedro Pompilio when the latter first unveiled him, but on Saturday night, in the Estadio Mundialista of Mar del Plata, he took a huge step to winning over the fans: He... Continue Reading →

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