San Lorenzo give Gorosito a send-off

On Friday Néstor Gorosito announced that win, lose or draw against San Lorenzo today, he'd be stepping down as manager of River Plate. Fitting that he should do so against the man he replaced in the Núñez hot seat, in a way. Simeone seems to have rediscovered his touch after leaving River - San Lorenzo's... Continue Reading →

Editorial: Lessons to learn?

Now personally, I've never paid too much attention to the idea of new year's resolutions (the last editorial aside, that is). Making promises to yourself which you admit from the start won’t be kept seems rather to be shooting oneself in the foot. Besides which resolutions are always so dull – why doesn't anyone resolve... Continue Reading →

A bad morning

It wasn't the best of mornings for Independiente's star striker Germán Denis. The leading goalscorer of the Apertura was jogging in a Mar Del Plata park with his team-mates, warming up for an open training session on the side's first day in the city, when he felt a most unwelcome sensation in his shorts. All... Continue Reading →

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