Transfer talk and a painful absence

There's been commotion in Italy on Saturday, as Juventus manager Claudio Ranieri walked out of a press conference after the assembled hacks pushed him on the future of Argentine playmaker Sergio Almirón, who's wanted by River Plate. Boca Juniors signing Julio César Cáceres revealed he's taking a pay cut to join his new side, and... Continue Reading →

Out with the old, in with the new

Happy new year, everyone. The year may only be two days old, but already 2008 is well underway in the Argentine footballing world. One basic but important thing to mention first: new president Cristina Kirchner's decision to bring a daylight savings system back to Argentina means the country is now only two hours behind Greenwich... Continue Reading →

One in, one out

River Plate are doing a bit of restructuring following Diego Simeone's entrance as manager, and that started in earnest today with one of the players the new manager had reportedly requested before signing his contract - Uruguayan striker Sebastián Abreu. Meanwhile, if the Copa Libertadores squad list of Brazilian giants Fluminense is anything to go by,... Continue Reading →

Packing his bags

It's been a mixed twelve months for Gastón Fernández. First he returned from Mexico to River Plate, where he won the Torneo de Verano in January and was expected to be key to River's title challenge in the Clausura. Then, for reasons best known to themselves, River's board authorised his sale to San Lorenzo -... Continue Reading →

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