Argentines Abroad: a special for Hernán Cristante

Hernán Cristante keeps goal for Toluca in the Mexican first division, and on Saturday he won his fifth championship for the club in the liguilla final against Cruz Azul. Tom Clark, who's kept me up-to-date with Argentine goings-on in Mexico for Argentines Abroad recently, has written about it. I happen to think his writing's rather... Continue Reading →

Yet more bother at Racing

And us English think Newcastle United are a joke team. The pre-season in Argentina continues, and there's been more mudslinging and attempts to get out at one of the country's biggest clubs - and this time some of it's even come from the manager himself. OK, you know I'm talking about Racing because you've read... Continue Reading →

Power shift

It's a new era at Boca Juniors, where on Tuesday Pedro Pompilio, the man who played a major part in Juan Román Riquelme's return last week to his boyhood club, was named the club's new president after Mauricio Macri passed on the mandate to him. Elsewhere, River Plate are in trouble again and Diego Simeone's... Continue Reading →

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