What I hate about Argentina’s Torneos de Verano

This week's opinion piece for The Bubble was a tricky one to start writing, because there's nothing much happening in Argentine football this week. Nothing, that is, apart from transfer sagas and the over-hyped, overblown Torneos de Verano, the summer championships. So I decided to expand on just why I wish these pre-season friendlies could be treated... Continue Reading →

Some Torneo de Verano goals

I'm giving the Torneos de Verano a fairly wide berth, as readers may have noticed, mainly because I find them mind-numbingly dull. All the same, it would be wrong to totally ignore them, and there've been some interesting results in the last few days. Here, then, you can watch the goals from Estudiantes' 4-1 demolition... Continue Reading →

Summer fixtures 2009

Yes, it's January, and thus to the majority of HEGS readers that headline is six months early, but Argentina's in a different hemisphere, you know. And the summer friendlies are just about to start. There's the traditional Torneo de Verano between the 'Big Five', as well as the other regular events - the 'City Cups'... Continue Reading →

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