Not much happening

It's a quiet one now, as we fall further and further into the 'gravity of the World Cup' (© Bostero Forever) and, for the next week and a half at least, there's not likely to be very much of any real interest going on save speculation on Diego Maradona's likely lineup from behind the green barrier... Continue Reading →

Not much doing at River

With the transfer news at Boca Juniors largely covering the extensions of existing players' contracts, River Plate Ángel Cappa has been getting impatient about the Núñez side's ability to even do that. The season may only have ended two weeks ago but Cappa was at pains on Saturday to remind Daniel Passarella and the rest... Continue Reading →

Contract talks at Boca

Boca Juniors are currently going through something of a miserable post-season tour of the United States - a few evenings ago they lost 1-0 to Los Angeles Galaxy and on Wednesday night they crashed 3-0 against Seattle Sounders (you can see the goals here). That's largely a reserve side though, lead by outgoing manager Roberto... Continue Reading →

Torneos de Verano 2010

The first football of the new year is already underway in Argentina; on Saturday Banfield and Huracán played out a 0-0 draw in which the champions of Argentina had more chances but couldn't put them away with Santiago Silva, whilst in the first of the AFA's official triangular tournaments (there's no round robin of the... Continue Reading →

Real big transfer rumours

First, for all those who are as big on detail as myself, I apologise for that headline, because there's nothing I hate more than English speakers referring to the world's most modest, understated football club as 'Real'. But why let that get in the way of a not especially good headline? Real Madrid might be... Continue Reading →

New decade, same transfer roundabout

First of all, happy new year, HEGS readers! On Sunday the first of Argentina's clubs returned to their training facilities to prepare for the pre-season of the Torneos de Verano and (for some) Copa Libertadores qualification. The new year brings familiar issues though: Banfield are starting to accept that they're likely to lose Santiago Silva, whilst... Continue Reading →

El Camino de Santiago…

Claudio Bieler - a Copa Libertadores winner with Liga de Quito in 2008 - might be coming home. José Sand, currently leading the scoring charts in the high-paying league of the United Arab Emirates, might also return, and Lanús are adamant that if it's to them, Eduardo Salvio will be around too, in spite of... Continue Reading →

Riquelme’s Corinthian spirit

Stories in the Brazilian press at the start of the week had Corinthians, one of the country's biggest clubs and the current employers of Ronaldo, planning to sign Juan Román Riquelme from Boca Juniors in a bid to boost their Copa Libertadores campaign in 2010, their centenary year. I've written about it for Soccernet, and... Continue Reading →

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