Gaining their independence

Two Independiente players may be in line for moves to foreign climes soon. One of them you've probably heard of (if you follow the Argentine league, anyway), the other... well, if you've heard of the other you need to get out more. Lucas Pusineri, 32-year-old midfield stalwart, might have an offer from Major League Soccer,... Continue Reading →

Boca’s latest two transfer targets

Either the world's going a little bit mad, or Pedro Pompilio is beginning to lose touch with reality a tad. The identities of two players Boca Juniors may currently be considering for the transfer market have been revealed, and they make for surprising reading. Both were born in South America, but that's about the least surprising... Continue Reading →

Not budging

Juan Román Riquelme and Andrés D'Alessandro are recent favourites on either side of the River - Boca divide, and there's been talk on Wednesday that either or both of them may be on the way back home soon. It seems, however, that for now, that won't be happening. Riquelme admitted he's not prepared to sacrifice... Continue Reading →

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