A qualification campaign to remember

Argentina's 2010 World Cup qualification campaign isn't likely be forgotten easily by anyone who followed it from beginning to end. For anyone who wants to read a little about the likely fallout from the decision to give the managerial job to a certified nutter, without (too much) mention of crotch-grabbing in press conferences, you can... Continue Reading →

World Cup 2010 qualifying: Uruguay 0 – 1 Argentina

It's been a qualifying campaign no-one who followed it from start to finish will ever quite manage to forget, but eventually, somehow, in spite of their manager, their opponents and - let's face it - their own often atrocious performances, Argentina have qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. And given the complaints... Continue Reading →

Full time approaching for Diego?

Ahead of the World Cup qualifying double-header which kicks off against Peru on Saturday, Diego Maradona did his bit for team harmony amongst the under-pressure Argentina squad by telling the press that he wasn't sure whether he'd continue as manager if the team qualify for next year's global extravaganza in South Africa. Maradona's words, addressed... Continue Reading →

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