Two articles: a Lucas Alario profile, and Álvaro Recoba’s farewell party

I was busy on Thursday (busy by the standards of an underemployed freelancer, at least). I wrote three articles, and two of them are already online. For The Mirror, here's a profile of one of Liverpool's transfer targets, River Plate centre forward Lucas Alario. And for ESPNFC , I wrote something on the Uruguayan reaction to Álvaro... Continue Reading →

On Sunday afternoon, the first match in Buenos Aires of the 2011 Copa América is played. It's the tournament final, and the lineup for it illustrates perfectly how iconoclastic this edition of the tournament has proven. Uruguay and Paraguay are the unexpected sides battling it out in the Estadio Monumental for the title of champions... Continue Reading →

A little off-topic

This isn't strictly to do with Argentine football. Well, okay. It's absolutely nothing to do with Argentine football. But the reason HEGS has been quiet in the last few days is that I've been across the river to Montevideo, where I watched Uruguay's World Cup semi-final against the Netherlands with a few thousand Uruguayan fans... Continue Reading →


The only half-interesting story of the pre-season at the moment is the fallout from an extraordinary on-pitch scrap engaged in by San Lorenzo's star striker Gonzalo Bergessio during a friendly against Uruguayan club El General. On Thursday he had a coming-together with the hosts' Gusmán Elizarzú, and by common consent it was the other bloke... Continue Reading →

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