Podcast follow-up

What with the Copa Libertadores final first leg as well as those of the Promociones during the week, I didn't have time to post this link. Those who paid attention to HEGS last week will remember my debut appearance in a podcast over on Seba's wonderful Mundo Albiceleste, and on Tuesday night, in the face... Continue Reading →

¡Vélez campeón!

In circumstances about as controversial as they come, and after thirteen minutes of second half stoppage time, Vélez Sársfield beat Huracán by a single late goal from Maxi Moralez - who was sent off for his celebration - to climb above them in the table and claim the Torneo Clausura 2009 title. Huracán had a... Continue Reading →

A guest slot

If you were wondering why I've not written much here on HEGS about the upcoming final weekend of the 2009 Torneo Clausura season, including the 'finalísimo' between Vélez Sársfield and Huracán and the relegation battles on Sunday, it's because I've been talking about them. Frequent HEGS comment-botherer, journalist, and fellow webmaster over at Mundo Albiceleste... Continue Reading →

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