Another look at the start of the year

Following the piece Pitch Invasion published by me earlier in the week, the excellent Soccer Lens have been kind enough to feature another article by me. The Pitch Invasion piece dealt largely with Racing - this one looks at Vélez's good start to the Clausura, and the mixed beginnings Argentine sides have enjoyed in the... Continue Reading →

The Hugo has landed

Hugo Tocalli took charge on Thursday of his first practice as Vélez Sársfield boss, as players at most of Argentina's top flight clubs returned from their summer holidays to commence pre-season training. Elsewhere, Matías Silvestre has insisted he's not going down without a fight at Boca, Juan Sebastián Verón had some cutting words for Diego... Continue Reading →

Restructuring in Liniers

There's change afoot at Vélez Sársfield. The vicepresident of the Liniers institution, Roberto Jiménez, who was also president of the Professional Football department of the club, had his resignation accepted on Wednesday after a disagreement with the rest of the board. '[The resignation] was of an un-declinable nature, so we decided to approve the resignations... Continue Reading →

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