When Saturday Comes: World Cup 2010 preview

UK residents and regular HEGS readers will already be familiar with my semi-regular contributions to When Saturday Comes, and it's with some pride that I encourage all of you to go out and buy the new edition of the magazine, which - for the month has arrived for such things - includes a special extra World... Continue Reading →

New year reading matter

If you're an eagle-eyed regular reader of HEGS, you may recall at some point during the last week a comment being made about dodgy Argentine NGOs trying to help secure funding for certain barra brava gangs to travel to the World Cup in South Africa to support the national side in June. Now, if you... Continue Reading →

Statistical freak

Not news as such, but the usual heads-up for me writing elsewhere. Readers in the UK (and certain lucky overseas readers) may remember that last May I wrote for UK magazine When Saturday Comes. After being rather lazy about doing a second piece for them, I've finally managed it this month - the May 2009... Continue Reading →

When Saturday Comes, June 2008

This week I make my first foray out of the internet realm and into the big, proper-writing world of print. The good people at British magazine When Saturday Comes have seen fit to provide me with my national debut this month. In 'Season In Brief' I write about the 1991 Torneo Apertura, in which Ramón Díaz... Continue Reading →

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